Samsung QLED TV deals available across US and UK this week

Samsung QLED TV deals sales cheap price
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We've seen Samsung QLED TV deals hitting some excellent prices over the last few months, and now the stars have aligned so that you can get some of the lowest prices we've seen on high end display whether you're in the US or UK. That's because we're seeing Samsung QLED TV deals at both Best Buy and John Lewis this week, making savings available on both sides of the pond. You'll see price drops of up to $200 in the US, with the UK seeing excellent discounts of between £200 and £300 on these much sought after displays. 

Those savings make these premium TVs a whole lot more affordable, so you can make the most of their incredible color clarity and 4K upscaling power. If you're shopping in the US you'll want to head to Best Buy to pick up your saving, with $100 off larger models from 58-inches upwards, with prices starting at $799.99

However, if you're in the UK you'll want to get yourself to John Lewis to make the most of these Samsung QLED TV deals. Sure, Currys is offering the same discounts, but you'll pick up a stunning five year guarantee and 50% cashback on a soundbar when you shop at John Lewis. That's valuable peace of mind that you won't get with other retailers. The cheapest 43-inch model comes in at £599 right now, but if you've got the space you might want to spring the extra £100 for a 50-inch display - now down to £699

We're rounding up all of these Samsung QLED TV deals just below, but you'll find all the lowest prices from around the web further down the page as well. Or, you can browse all the best cheap TV deals and sales. Keep an eye on the upcoming Black Friday deals for more discounts as well.

This week's best Samsung QLED TV deals

Samsung QLED Q60T 58-inch 4K TV: $899.99 $799.99 at Best Buy

Samsung QLED Q60T 58-inch 4K TV: $899.99 $799.99 at Best Buy
This week's Samsung QLED TV deals start in the higher display sizes, with a $100 discount on the 58-inch display. Considering the quality and color clarity you're getting in a TV of this size, that $799 final price tag is an excellent opportunity to save on a premium set. 

65-inch: $999 $949.99 | 75-inch $1,599 $1,399.99

Samsung QLED Q60T 43-inch 4K TV: £799 £599 at John Lewis

Samsung QLED Q60T 43-inch 4K TV: £799 £599 at John Lewis
You'll find fantastic £200 - £300 discounts all the way up the size scale in the UK, however. Prices start at just £599 for the 43-inch model, with that £200 off saving you from a £799 RRP. These offers are also available at Currys, but we'd have to point you towards John Lewis this week, as you'll get a standout five year guarantee on your purchase here and you can even claim 50% cashback on a soundbar at the same time.

50-inch: £899 £699 | 55-inch: £1,099 £899 | 65-inch: £1,499 £1,199

More Samsung QLED TV deals

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