Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 could get big changes, but the Z Flip 4 might not

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 review
A Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 (Image credit: Aakash Jhaveri)

If you’re after a new foldable phone this year then the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 might be the one to get – assuming your pockets are deep enough, as a leak suggests this could sport some significant changes, while the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 might not.

According to leaker @dohyun854 on Twitter, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 will have a slot for the S Pen stylus (which will presumably also come with the phone as standard).

That’s not the first time we’ve heard this, and it makes sense now that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has launched with such a slot. In fact arguably the S Pen is a more useful addition to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, since it’s sure to have a bigger screen, so a slot for it is an obvious upgrade.

The source also claims that Samsung is equipping the phone with new UTG (ultra-thin glass), which is tougher and, in some way, higher quality than the glass used on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 – so this might end up being the most durable foldable phone yet.

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And as for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4? According to another leaker (@chunvn8888), this will be very similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. Apparently, it will have a slightly larger battery with around 10-20% greater capacity than the 3,300mAh one in the Z Flip 3, and its outer screen is also said to be over 2 inches now (up from 1.9 inches on the current model).

It might also get a triple-lens camera, meaning one extra lens, but apparently the quality won’t be dramatically improved – whereas on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 the camera supposedly will be a big upgrade according to this source.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 also apparently won’t have an under-display camera, even though the Z Fold 3 does (and the Z Fold 4 likely will as well).

So while a few possible upgrades are listed for the Galaxy Z Flip 4 here, they all sound exceedingly small, and are likely to have much less of an impact than the changes we might be seeing with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. Though of course, this is all just rumors for now.

Opinion: the right approach

While it would be nice to see all sorts of fancy upgrades in the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, a relatively small upgrade might be the more sensible approach ultimately.

This would potentially allow Samsung to push the price down even lower (or at least keep it at around the level of the current model), therefore providing an affordable and accessible entry point to foldable phones.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 meanwhile, with its likely greater upgrades, is sure to be prohibitively priced for most, but it could make for an exciting option for those who want a cutting-edge foldable and are prepared to pay for it.

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