Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 leak hints it's coming earlier than expected

The original Samsung Galaxy Watch Active (Image credit: TechRadar)

Samsung looks like it's readying its next smartwatch for launch in August, but it could be that the company announces it just before the expected August 7 date, if a leaked press shot is to be believed.

According to an image provided by famed leaker Evan Blass, the watch may instead to be unveiled on August 5, according to the date on the device.

Often Samsung includes the launch day as the date on screen in its press materials, so this may suggest we'll hear about the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 ahead of the Note 10 launch on August 7.

Leaked press shot from Evan Blass showing Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.

Leaked press shot from Evan Blass showing Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. (Image credit: Samsung, Via Evleaks)

A separate report from SamMobile has also offered up a variety of specs about the upcoming smartwatch, including the fact we're likely to see two different sizes; 44mm or 40mm.

The larger watch will come with a 1.4-inch display, while the smaller has a 1.2-inch screen. Both of them are Super AMOLED displays with a resolution of 360 x 360.

The leak also suggests the upcoming watch will come with a Touch Bezel, rather than a physical rotating one.

Samsung dropped the rotating bezel from the Galaxy Watch Active to save on space, but it was a unique feature that many felt were missing from the smartwatch. This time, it looks like Samsung will allow you to interact with the watch by running your finger around the edge of the screen to cycle through menus.

The full picture

Diving inside the watch, and it's likely to feature the same chipset we saw on the Galaxy Watch Active, the Exynos 9110. We found that to work well during our full review, and rumors suggest it'll be paired with 4GB of storage.

If you opt for the Bluetooth model you'll get 768MB of RAM, while those going for the LTE edition will get 1.5GB of RAM. 

That also seems to confirm there will be an LTE version of this watch. The original Samsung Galaxy Watch Active was only available in a Bluetooth variant, so this will make it easier to use the watch while out exercising, away from your phone.

We don't currently know if just one size will be available in LTE, but considering the original Galaxy Watch was available in both sizes with the technology onboard we'd assume Samsung will do the same here.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active (Image credit: Future)

This leak doesn't come with any images of the upcoming watch, but it does give us a clearer idea of the color options on offer. Stainless steel and aluminium will be two separate material finishes for the watches, and every version will be available in Black and Silver.

Samsung will only offer the LTE version in stainless steel, and the gold color will be restricted to this material as well. Those looking for a Pink Gold option will have to stick to aluminium.

When it comes to battery, we don't know what Samsung will be estimating but the larger watch will come with a 340mAh cell while the smaller will come with a 247mAh.

It'll also come with Bluetooth 5 technology onboard, which should allow for a more stable connection when you're moving around and it's slightly more power efficient than the previous tech too.

We don't exactly when to expect Samsung to announce the Galaxy Watch Active 2, but it's likely to land on August 7 or, if this leak is correct, it may be we see it even before then.

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