Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 smartwatch name seemingly confirmed – by Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Watch
Samsung Galaxy Watch (Image credit: Future)

We were expecting Samsung's new smartwatch to be the Galaxy Watch 2, but after a rumor suggested that it would actually be called the Galaxy Watch 3, we've now had what appears to be confirmation of that from Samsung itself.

XDA Developers found a reference to that name in the Samsung Wearable app – which you need to install on your smartphone to use your Samsung smartwatch – in the form of an image asset which says 'Galaxy Watch 3'.

The fact that 'Galaxy Watch 3' is mentioned in a Samsung app seems to confirm that this is the name of the upcoming smartwatch from the company, although it's worth noting that the mention of a Watch 3 doesn't necessarily rule out the existence of a Watch 2.

This does make it seem very likely, though, that Samsung's next smartwatch will be the Watch 3, a jump in the naming convention likely made to differentiate the new device from the Galaxy Watch Active 2 which is a sportier smartwatch.

The Galaxy Watch 3 should land soon

Samsung is no stranger to making such leaps when naming its devices, given that it followed up the Galaxy S10 smartphones with the Galaxy S20 range, and there wasn't really a 'proper' Galaxy Tab S5 before the Tab S6 (there was just a budget Tab S5e) – so the absence of a Galaxy Watch 2 wouldn't even be huge news.

By the sounds of it, the previous leaks we've heard about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 smartwatch actually apply to the Watch 3, including reports that it'll have a rotating bezel and a smaller build than the original Samsung Galaxy Watch.

We're not too sure when the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 will launch, but given that it's been certified, and that Samsung is seemingly ready to add it to its apps, an unveiling could be very soon.

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