Hublot's Big Bang e is a smartwatch that costs the same as 13 Apple Watches

The Hublot Big Bang E (Image credit: Hublot)

If you're willing to spend a lot of money on a new smartwatch, you may enjoy the newly announced Hublot Big Bang e.

It runs Wear OS software and comes with a variety of features that you'd expect from a watch of this type. It has a far higher price than a lot of the other products that sport Google's software.

The base version of the Hublot Big Bang e costs $5,200 (about £4,100, AU$7,500) with a titanium build, while a black ceramic version costs $5,800 (about £4,600, AU$8,400). We've yet to learn exact pricing for the UK or Australia.

The watch comes with a top-end Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor and 1GB of RAM, so it should be powerful enough to run all the Wear OS apps you may want it to.

It also comes with 8GB of storage, but there's no GPS or NFC. Those are pretty much standard features you'd expect on a smartwatch far cheaper than this, so that'll be a big disappointment for some.

As for the design, it comes with a scratch-proof AMOLED display, as well as a rotating crown that has a button embedded in it. It's also water resistant up to 30 meters, according to Hublot.

We don't yet know when the Hublot Big Bang e will be released, but we know it's set to be on sale in the US and UK alongside other countries in Europe. There's currently no clear sign of the watch being available in Australia.

James Peckham

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