Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite release date is likely April 2

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 (above) is about to get a cheaper sibling (Image credit: TechRadar)

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite has been extensively leaked, but one thing that hadn’t been leaked was a release date. Now though, it looks very likely that the tablet will land on April 2.

That date comes from a listing on Amazon Germany. The listing says the slate is sold and shipped by Amazon itself (rather than a third-party), so there’s a good chance it’s working off real information, as that suggests the shopping brand filed the information itself.

Along with the date there’s also a price of €428.44, which is around $470 / £380 / AU$770. That would make the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite slightly more expensive than had been previously rumored, but then this is the LTE model – assuming there’s also a Wi-Fi-only option that should be cheaper.

(Image credit: Amazon / Samsung)

The listing also includes a single image, which matches what we’ve seen before. You can only see the front of the slate, so it’s little more than a rectangle with a black border. You can see that there’s a single-lens selfie camera, and on the right edge there’s what appear to be power and volume buttons.

Finally, there are also some specs and other details included. There’s mention of the S Pen stylus which we were expecting the slate to come with, plus the listing states that there’s 4GB of RAM, a 10.4-inch screen, and two speakers with sound by AKG and Dolby Atmos.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is also apparently 245 x 154 x 7mm and comes in a blue color (though we wouldn’t be surprised if other shades are available too).

We’ve heard many of these specs and details before, so they’re likely accurate, and if the release date is right then we’ll know for sure very soon. Stay tuned, because TechRadar will bring you all the information as soon as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is announced.

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