Samsung Galaxy Tab deals: don't miss this $375 saving on a 256GB Galaxy Tab S6

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Nestled away in a corner on the official Samsung store this week is an absolutely stellar Samsung Galaxy Tab deal that's perfect for those who are looking for the ultimate tablet for movies, shows, and games.

Currently, you can pick up a 256GB capacity Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 for just $354.99 - down from an original retail price of $729.99. Not only is that a huge saving of $375 in total, but this upgraded 256GB version is actually coming in cheaper than the standard 128GB variant right now at Samsung. 

For a little context, a 128GB Galaxy Tab S7 (the latest model) is going for $569.99 at Best Buy right now. That's a lot more cash for a lot less storage and besides that, the Galaxy Tab S6 might just be a better tablet for some people.

Why? Well, even though the S7 has a slightly better processor and battery, it actually doesn't have an AMOLED screen like the S6 does - to get that on the S7 series you'll actually have to upgrade to the S7 Plus model, which goes for $769.99 currently. So, if you really value that picture quality on your tablet - say for consuming media - then this Galaxy Tab S6 deal is a no-brainer.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab deals this week


Galaxy Tab S6 (256GB, 10.5") <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">$729.99 $354.99 at Samsung
Save $375 -
The Galaxy Tab S6 may not be the latest device in the range, but with a gorgeous AMOLED display and so, so much storage capacity on this particular model, you're absolutely scoring a bargain. Blaze through your productivity tasks with the included S-Pen accessory or simply kick back and consume your media with this excellent Android device from Samsung.

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