Samsung Galaxy S10 5G has arrived on O2, but you can only buy it on 4G plans

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O2’s 5G network isn’t even launching until October, but as of today (August 1) you can already buy the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G on the network in preparation.

The phone is available from O2 online and in-store, on plans starting at £51.64 per month, plus £30 upfront. Curiously these are all 4G plans, meaning even once 5G launches on the network you won’t be able to access it without changing plan. However, you’ll be free to do that.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is more than just a standard Galaxy S10 with added 5G. It has a quad-lens rear camera, a massive 6.7-inch 1440 x 3040 AMOLED screen, and a bigger battery (at 4,500mAh) than the rest of the range, along with other specs that are similarly high-end.

So it could be worth upgrading your phone, whether 5G is a major selling point for you or not – though we noted in our hands-on review that the size makes it difficult to hold one-handed. If you do like the sound of it, make sure to check out our guide to the best Samsung Galaxy S10 5G deals.

Of course, you might want to wait until O2’s 5G network is actually live. The company hasn’t said when in October that will be, but has revealed that parts of Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh, London, Slough and Leeds will initially get the super-fast data, with 20 towns and cities set to get it this year, and 50 by summer 2020.

And if you don’t want the Galaxy S10 5G from O2 specifically, it’s also available on Vodafone and EE.

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