Samsung Galaxy Note 20 might sport a similar design to the Huawei P40 Pro

Huawei P40 Pro
The Huawei P40 Pro (Image credit: Future)

When the Huawei P40 Pro was announced it became the first phone to have a screen that curved at the top and bottom of the device as well as the sides, and it looks the the anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 20 could do exactly the same thing.

This is according to a Samsung smartphone patent found by LetsGoDigital, which shows a phone with a screen that curves on all four of its edges. Previous Samsung smartphones, including the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 10, have had displays which taper on the left and right edges but not at the top or bottom.

There's no confirmation it's a Galaxy Note phone, but since that's the next big device expected from the company it seems the most likely candidate. The patent was recently published, but it was filed in July 2019 so the company has had plenty of time to work on perfecting it.

The renders included in the patents don't really show us much though - in fact, they're very basic, and are only meant to illustrate the curved screen design and nothing else. We can't even see the positioning of the front-facing camera or placement of the power button and volume rocker.

However, this does indicate Samsung could have a quad-curved-screen device in the near future.

If Samsung is going to use this curved-screen design in a phone, it could actually fix an issue Huawei had in its device. The P40 Pro only has curved glass at the top and bottom, but the viewable screen area was only curved at the edges, with a fairly large bezel too. If Samsung could find a way to make the actual display curved, it may perfect the design.

We'll find out for certain what Samsung's got planned in around August, because that's when we're expecting to see the the Galaxy Note 20 series of phones unveiled (and apparently that isn't changing, according to a SamMobile report). TechRadar will be reporting on all the latest news and leaks until then, so stay tuned.

Tom Bedford

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