Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s rumored codename points to S Pen upgrades

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has only just landed but already we’re hearing rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Specifically, it’s said to be codenamed ‘Da Vinci’.

That’s according to leaker Ice universe, who has a solid track record for Samsung leaks, so it might well be accurate.

Now, a codename doesn’t tell us much, but given that Leonardo da Vinci was most famous for his art it suggests the Galaxy Note 10 could be a good phone for creatives, which in turn suggests some major upgrades to the S Pen.

What form those might take is anyone’s guess right now. Samsung already upgraded the stylus a fair bit for the Note 9 by adding Bluetooth shortcuts to it, so maybe the Note 10 will add more smart capabilities, or just bring it closer to feeling like an actual pen on paper.

For artists and everyone else

Of course, da Vinci wasn’t just a painter, he excelled in many fields, so it’s possible that the codename is a suggestion that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be a very versatile device, suitable for all different kinds of uses. But what that would mean in terms of upgrades we’re not sure, as the Note range is already versatile.

While the codename doesn’t hint at much else, we do have some ideas of what to expect from the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, as it’s likely to have many of the same specs and features as the Samsung Galaxy S10, a phone which is rumored to have an in-screen fingerprint scanner and a triple-lens rear camera.

We probably won’t know anything for sure about the Note 10 for a long time yet though, as it’s not likely to launch before August 2019.

Via Softpedia

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