Samsung and Panasonic TVs get the HDR10+ treatment with movie support incoming

Samsung and Panasonic have revealed that select TVs in their 2018 range are finally getting HDR10+ support, thanks to a firmware upgrade.

HDR10+ is an AV standard that’s been developed by some of tech and film’s heavy hitters - 20th Century Fox, Panasonic and Samsung. It is a direct rival to Dolby Vision, which offers similar HDR-quality, but content creators who want to use this technology have to pay a license fee. HDR10+ isn’t free but is a cheaper alternative.

We first heard about the technology back in April but it will be at IFA 2018 when we actually see it in action. 

Fox films

While having the standard is great, it’s nothing without accompanying compatible content but this is coming too. 

More details will be announced in the coming weeks but 20th Century Fox has revealed that it will it will be incorporating HDR10+ in its upcoming release slate, with ‘several titles’ ready to get the HDR treatment.

We reckon Predator and Alita: Battle Angel may well be a couple of the movies that will get HDR10+ but that’s purely our own rumor mongering that’s come up with that.

As for the TVs that are set to get HDR10+, there’s no list available right now but both Panasonic and Samsung have revealed that “the majority” of their 2018 4K models are now HDR10+ certified.

Marc Chacksfield

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