Rize may be the name of Samsung’s next series of mid-range phones

Samsung Galaxy A9 phone

You can likely expect to see Samsung toting a new series of phones in 2019 with the name Galaxy Rize branded on them, but currently it’s not certain what devices the name is set to refer to. 

Trademark applications spotted by LetsGoDigital in the UK and Mexico have been made by Samsung that refer to specific devices of the Samsung Rize10, Samsung Rize20 and Samsung Rize30. 

The trademark applications are just for names, so there's no clear sign of what phones these are set to be.

Samsung is rumored to be making three versions of its flagship phone series, which until now we’ve expected to be called the Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10 Lite.

Rize up

One report claims this may be a way of Samsung differentiating its next series of flagship mobiles, much like Apple did on its tenth anniversary with the launch of the iPhone X.

Those at 91Mobiles believe this is actually a mid-range series of phones instead, so it may be a reworking of phones like the Samsung Galaxy A range.

It may also be this is the final name of the foldable phone Samsung is expected to launch in 2019. 

It's interesting that so many details are up in the air, but new branding from Samsung may make sense to celebrate the tenth anniversary of its flagship line. It could also be a way to differentiate its flagship mobiles from the upcoming foldable phone instead.

We expect to hear about Samsung's flagship phone series at Mobile World Congress 2019 in late February, so we won't have too long to wait to find out if that's what the Rize name is designed for.


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