RHA T20 Wireless audiophile buds now available in India for Rs 22,999

RHA's T20 Wireless headphones
Image credit: RHA (Image credit: RHA)

RHA has cut the cord on the popular RHA T20 earphones to bring us the RHA T20 Wireless headphones. The headphones were launched globally last week, and now they've made their way to the Indian market. 

The new earphones are connected by a neckband, and use RHA's proprietary DualCoil drivers, which are designed to reproduce "refined, high-resolution audio," according to the company. Also, they boast 12 hours of battery life and fidelity aptX Bluetooth.

Like their wired predecessors, the T20 Wireless headphones include three different tuning filters, which adjust the sound signature of the buds to suit the genre of music you're listening to, and your personal tastes when it comes to audio. 

The Reference filter is designed for crisp, balanced listening, and will probably suit audiophiles best, while the Bass filter is made to highlight the lowest frequencies in rock and hip-hop tracks. 

Lastly, there's the Treble filter, which is designed to "highlight details in the upper frequencies – ideal for jazz, acoustic, or classical tracks".

Image credit: RHA

Image credit: RHA (Image credit: RHA)

Hi-Res comes at a price

The RHA T20 Wireless headphones also come with an optional 3.5mm wired connection, which the company says can deliver Hi-Res Audio and a frequency range of 16Hz - 40,000Hz. 

Without the wired connection, the neckband offers 12 hours battery life, as well as a universal remote, which allows users to "switch between music, calls, and digital assistant functions at the touch of a button". 

The wireless earphones come with silicone and foam eartips, in a range of sizes to suit every ear. 

With an IPX4 rating, the RHA T20 Wireless headphones should be able to withstand sweaty workout sessions and spots of rain alike – and with sports and clothing clips included, you can use the headphones with a wired connection without the cable getting caught in your zipper as you run.

The RHA T20 Wireless headphones retail at Rs 22,999 in India. 

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