Remake of original Xbox controller will rip off your rose-tinted goggles this March

Nostalgia is a funny thing. When the original Xbox was released, it was widely criticized for its massive controller (nicknamed the 'Duke'), and critics and fans alike were delighted when Microsoft replaced it with the smaller 'Controller S' just a year into the console's life-cycle. 

But over the years the Duke has gained something of a fan following within the community, and last September it was announced that it was being remade for the Xbox One. Now the remake finally has a price and release date: $70 and March. 

The remade controller, manufactured by Hyperkin, has the blessing of Seamus Blackley, the controller's original designer. 

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Rose-tinted goggles begone

Nostalgia's a fine thing, but we can't imagine many people will be able to use this controller on a regular basis. 

For one thing, as Polygon notes, the controller lacks shoulder buttons in favor of an extra pair of face buttons, which will play havoc with the way most games' control schemes are set up. 

But more importantly, the whole controller is far too big to be held comfortably in most people's hands – there was a reason the controller was replaced after just a year of being bundled with the console after all. 

Still, there's an OLED screen in the middle of the reissue that'll display the original console's startup logo, which should make it a nice collector's item, if not something you'll want to regularly use.

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