Razer hopes to make a mint with its bizarre chewing gum for gamers

Razer Respawn chewing gum
(Image credit: Razer)

Just when we thought we’d seen everything, Razer has raised the bar once again with its latest bizarre gaming accessory: chewing gum.

The company has previously made a Razer-themed toaster and a flavored energy drink mix, but this latest collaboration with 5 Gum has certainly given us something to chew over. 

Called “Respawn by 5 Gum”, the edible product will come in three flavors: cool mint, tropical punch, and pomegranate watermelon. It’s available today (September 8) from either Amazon or Razer.com, and costs $2.99 for a pack of 15-sticks. If you’re a keen chewer, you can grab a 10-pack for $27.99 instead.

“Respawn was created to address the clear market for food and beverage products in gaming that help players maintain focus and mental agility during gameplay, without the intense rush provided by many energy products,” stated Sean Driscoll, senior product evangelist for Respawn Ltd. “Mars Wrigley brings with them immense experience and market leadership in the gum category and was a perfect partner for our new consumable line.”

Tested and chewed by gamers 

So how does Razer’s chewing gum make you a better gamer? Well, Razer says that the gum was created after “an extensive amount of R&D,” which apparently involved studying the daily regimes, schedules and snacking habits of casual and pro gamers. We can only imagine what that data must look like (and take comfort in the fact we weren’t asked to take part).

According to Razor, the sugar-free chewing gum is formulated with B vitamins and nutrients such as green tea extract, and is dubbed “mental nutrition” – whatever that means. 

Gamers have increasingly turned to energy drinks and other similar products to give them a competitive edge. Energy drinks tend to contain a high amount of caffeine, making you feel more awake, responsive and energized, albeit for a limited time. 

Razor’s gum should help you improve your kill/death ratio in first-person shooters, then, but we’ll have to chew over the gum ourselves before we can testify whether that’s true or not. Who knows... it could be the hottest Xbox Series X and PS5 gaming accessory of the year. 

Adam Vjestica

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