PUBG Mobile celebrates new year with wallpapers and giveaway

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PUBG Mobile has had quite the year, becoming one of the most popular mobile games. To welcome the new year, developers Tencent Games has released two new wallpapers of the game, and asked users to use the hashtag #pubgmobilenewyear to tweet about how they are celebrating the new year. The company is hosting a giveaway, and a few tweeters will win PMSC-themed items by January 5.

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PUBG Mobile recently collaborated with Japanese clothing company A Bathing Ape, commonly known as BAPE. The two has first collaborated back in October, and last week, another collaboration brought some new, exclusive clothing to the game. The new BAPE outfit pack is not available only on PUBG Mobile- it will not be coming to either the PC or console versions of the game.

The BAPE outfit pack is priced at 3600 Unknown Cash or UC, and consists of the BAPE City Camo Hoodie, BAPE City Camo Pants, and BAPE StaMid shoes. In Rupee terms, 190UC costs Rs 249, while Rs 7900 can buy 8100UC.  Cosmetic and clothing items are the most important source of income for the game developers, as the mobile game is free (unlike the other versions).