PS5 launch-day stock will be available at Amazon UK, says the retailer

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Amazon EU has announced it will have copies of the PlayStation 5 on sale when it launches November 19 in the UK – a week after its US release.

The news has been confirmed by customers who have been sent an email by Amazon to let them know that there will be a number of PS5's to buy on launch day in the UK, Italy and Spain.

In the UK, these PS5's will go on sale at 12:00 pm noon on Thursday, November 19 so if you've yet to grab yourself a pre-order there's still some hope that you can at least buy one on release day.

At the moment, we don't know how long it will take to deliver the console if you successfully buy them, but many existing pre-orders for the PS5 are slated to arrive on Friday, November 20.

The retailer's email also mentioned that there will be "limited stock", so you'll want to try and get in as early as you can to make sure you get one.

“We will make every effort to deliver all orders as soon as possible,” Amazon said in the email. “If you order, we will email you with an estimated delivery date. However, this may be subject to change.

As we're sure you're painfully aware at the moment, the PS5 (and the Xbox Series X) pre-orders all sold out within hours of becoming available in September, leaving lots of people unable to secure a coveted next-generation console.

Amazon, GAME, John Lewis, Argos and Currys are among some retailers in the UK promising to have launch-day stock for Sony's new console, so it seems likely that if you're early enough you could still get lucky ordering a PS5 come November 19. So don't run to eBay just yet.

The PS5 is already out in America, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea. While there were a few retailers popping up with stock throughout the day, they all sold out rather quickly, especially in the United States.

Sony's PlayStation 5 will be released in the UK and its remaining launch territories November 19 at the price of £449.99 while a cheaper, digital-only version without a disc tray will be on sale for £359.99.