Orange plans mobile charging through dance

Harness the power of dance to charge your mobile at Glasters this weekend!
Harness the power of dance to charge your mobile at Glasters this weekend!

Orange has jumped on to the 'music festival gadget bandwagon' this week, announcing the launch of a mobile phone charger prototype powered by dance energy.

The Orange Dance Charge is the result of the company's partnership with renewable energy specialists, GotWind and the groups' research into alternate, sustainable energy sources to power mobiles.

Harness the dance

The first prototype models of the Dance Charge – that weighs a mere 180grams and is around the size of a pack of cards - will be tested at this year's Glastonbury at Worthy Farm this coming weekend.

The charge is created by a specially designed system of weights and magnets, similar to that found in kinetic energy watches that creates an electrical current.

Hattie Magee, Head of Partnerships at Orange UK, said of the Dance Charge project: "As Official Communications Partner of Glastonbury Festival, it is important that we help keep festival goers connected with their mates at both the festivaland at home. We wanted to create a fun, engaging and interactive product which would encourage users to have a laugh while charging their mobile phone and at the same timetestout a new energy efficient charging prototype."

The lazy option

If you can't be bothered with all that dancing around, then you might want to use a Solio solar charger instead, which we told you about earlier this week.

Either that, or look out for Orange's "interactive Dance Charging Man" who, we are assured, "will help recharge mobile phones during the festival through the power of dance!"

Adam Hartley