Nike confirms it's 'working on' Android support for FuelBand

Nike 'working on' Android support for FuelBand SE, says OS not mature
Android might have been snubbed again, but there's hope yet

There was a bit of confusion when Nike seemingly claimed an Android app for its FuelBand was on the way last year, before backing out soon after. Hopes were further dashed when there was also no mention of Android support during the recent the announcement of the new Nike Fuelband SE.

However, VP of Digital Sport at Nike Stefan Olander today told TechRadar that one is in the works, but that Android is not "mature" enough for Nike to implement the app just yet.

"We have nothing against Android and we're working on it," he said. "We just want to make sure the platform is ready before we start implementing on it."

Glimmer of hope

Apple and Nike have a very cozy relationship, and with Tim Cook on the board of directors, there have naturally been accusations that this is why Android users have been pushed out of the picture.

But the problem is purely technical, according to Olander, the main of which being Bluetooth LE, which features on the new Fuelband.

"With Bluetooth LE, the protocol itself isn't as mature across the Android platform. You have hundred of device all using different versions of the operating system," he said.

"So rather than trying to be scattered and maybe deliver a broken experience, we take a more mature operating system and do a really good job of solving that."

Hugh Langley

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