Acer plans smartwatch and smart jewelry for 2014

Acer planning smartwatch and 'smart necklace' for 2014?
Acer's got its eye on the clock

Acer has been MIA from the wearable tech battle so far, but 2014 is the year that the Taiwanese firm is set to go big on these devices.

Word on the street is that Acer has a smartwatch waiting in the wings, which the company confirmed that it showcased to a select few behind scenes at CES 2014.

There aren't any details on what we can expect from the watch, though we wouldn't be surprised to see something in the same vein as Archos's offering or the Qualcomm Toq.

Then the claims get a little more interesting. According to Focus Taiwan, Acer is also looking to push beyond watches and glasses to smart jewelry.

Smarten up

The company reportedly has a "distinctive product", which Focus Taiwan says may take the form of "a neclace with body temperature sensors" that may even be able to work independently of smartphones.

The same source is also quoted as saying that this product will be launched in the second half of the year.

There's a chance we could hear more about the aforementioned smartwatch at MWC 2014. For now, we've contacted Acer to see if it can give us more information on its wearable plans, and will update if we hear more.

  • Even if Acer's smartwatch is nowhere to be seen, what else can we expect from MWC 2014?

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