Flickr brings separated couple together

Flickr - the match-maker of the web
Flickr - the match-maker of the web

Romance has blossomed via photo-sharing website Flickr, even though the couple in question have never actually met.

Through a little bit of photo trickery, Rosie Hardy from the UK and Aaron Nace from the US have made a variety of images where they look like they are together but they really aren't.

Now this is nothing new – OK magazine famously did it a few months back when it cut and paste Cheryl Cole and Victoria Beckham to look like they went to the same party. But this latest Photoshopping endeavour is believed to show a declaration of love.

Creating our own world

TechRadar, however, is rather creeped out about it. Think how, say, Angelina Jolie would feel if we sent her pictures of us 'together' sharing an intimate moment, even though we never actually met.

The couple believes it's a beautiful thing, though, with Miss Hardy explaining to the Telegraph: "Our images make the distance between us easier to bear.

"We're creating our own world in which we can be together. It's often the closest we can get to get other.

"It's a way to do something as a couple and expressing our love. When I look at the images I can almost feel his skin against mine and feel his breath."

For goodness sake - get a room, love.

The couple have apparently been together for around 5 months now, so it may well be a match made in heaven and not just Photoshop.

View the couple's photo streams here (Rosie) and here (Aaron).

Via The Telegraph

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