Ricoh: 'everything normal' following Pentax sale

Ricoh GXR
Ricoh, the manufacturers of the GXR, bought Pentax in June for a reported $77million

Ricoh has told PhotoRadar that everything will carry on as normal at the company following its acquisition of Pentax in June.

Pentax announced that it was to be sold to Ricoh for a reported $77 million a few weeks ago. Ricoh is currently better known for its range of photocopier and business products, but it does already produce a small range of digital cameras.

Ricoh confirmed that new launches were planned in the upcoming months, including a new module for the GXR system and new cameras in the autumn.

The GXR is the world's first interchangeable unit camera – meaning that not only are lenses changed, but also the sensor of the camera. Up until now it wasn't known if the GXR would continue to be developed once Pentax had been acquired.

Ricoh's UK distribution company, Alpha Digital, has also told us that an additional salesperson had been taken on by the company to help increase and consolidate sales.

Official news

The takeover of Pentax will not be completed until October, after which it's expected that more official news from both parties will be announced, including information about the future for Pentax DSLR.

In July, Marilyn Dixon from Pentax UK told PhotoRadar how excited the company was about the takeover, with imminent plans to create a "billion Euro brand" within the next three years.

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