Pentax shows 'reference' camera and lenses at CES

Pentax reference camera CES 2015

Pentax says the new DSLR will use an APS-C sensor and K-mount interchangeable lenses, but the model name will be announced later. The tentative launch date is Spring 2015.

It's difficult to learn much from the product shot that Pentax has released. There is a large dial on the top plate which may or may not be a mode dial; if not, it suggests that the new camera is a mid-range model that might follow the layout of the entry-level Pentax K-S1.

Pentax fans may be disappointed by the release of yet another APS-C format DSLR (no full frame model just yet, then), but we don't yet know any specifications so Pentax may still spring a few surprises.

New Pentax super-telephoto and large-diameter telephoto

It's encouraging, though, that Pentax has also announced three new lenses. These include a retracting 18-50mm kit lens which will make the overall camera/lens package usefully smaller – Nikon has done the same thing with the D3300.

Pentax 18-50mm retracting kit lens

Will this be the new Pentax kit lens? The old 18-55mm is due for replacement.

The other lenses are a 'high magnification super-telephoto zoom lens' and a 'large diameter telephoto zoom lens'.

Pentax super-telephoto zoom

We don't know the specs, but Pentax says this is a 'super-telephoto zoom lens'.

Pentax large-diameter telephoto zoom

Pentax says this is a 'large diameter telephoto zoom', but that's all we know.

Pentax is giving nothing away here, but the 'super-telephoto' could be a 100-400mm lens or longer, while the 'large diameter' telephoto could be a 70-200mm f/2.8 to rival those from Canon and Nikon and fill a very important slot in every pro photographer's gadget bag.

More news when we have it.

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