Fuji made a buy-out offer to Olympus

Fujifilm X100
Fujifilm's president says that it considered purchasing Olympus and Leica

An interview with Komori, president of Fujifilm, has revealed that the firm was ready to buy Olympus, the troubled camera-maker.

Speaking to the German journal Frankfurter Allgemeine, Komori said, "We were ready to buy Olympus. We made an offer to Olympus, but I think Olympus is trying to remain independent."

Last year, Olympus was rocked by scandal. Beginning with the firing of its CEO Michael Woodford after just two weeks in the job, several years of accounting scandal were later uncovered. Shares in Olympus took a mighty tumble, and talks of partnerships with other brands were often talked about. Fujifilm and Sony were the two companies leading the pack in suggestions of buyout deals.

Earlier this week it was revealed that Michael Woodford has agreed an out-of-court settlement with his former employers. Thought to be worth several million dollars, the agreement will need to be approved by the Olympus board at its next meeting on June 8th.

Buy out

Komori also revealed that it was considering purchasing historic photography brand, Leica, but felt that Leica didn't fit with Fuji's own strategy.

Fujifilm has seen a resurgence over the past couple of years as it has introduced premium cameras into the market. Beginning with the X100 in 2010, the X10 followed in 2011. The X Pro 1, Fuji's first interchangeable lens camera since 2006 has been making waves this year.

There are also other areas of expansion for Leica, outside of its camera business. Last year it moved into cosmetics, and Komori claims that the firm is also working on an anti-Alzheimer's drug.

It seems that Fuji has big plans for the future, watch this space.

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