Best iPhone and iPad photography apps

Best iphone and ipad photography apps

Geotag Photos Pro

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Price: £2.49/ Available for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

Geotagging is the process of adding latitudinal and longitudinal geographic information to an image's metadata, and has seen a sharp rise in popularity of late.

In part, this rise in popularity due to the number of GPS-enabled smartphones and other connected devices. Yet there are very few cameras with such technology, and there's not a single GPS-enabled DSLR (granted the Sony A55 and Alpha 77 may be half-exceptions, but there SLTs).

While there are other dedicated GPS accessories to add to your camera, the potential cost incurred from adding these can be extortionate – Nikon's GP-1 module, for example, retails for just under £200.

As a workaround, why not download Geotag Photos Pro to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch?

Geotag Photos Pro an app designed to track your location and then make the data available to apply to external (ie not the iPhone's camera) images. The app can track your current location using GPS and, assuming the phone and camera's times and dates match (this is essential), the Geotag Photos Pro desktop computer software makes it easy to connect the phone's GPX file (located via iTunes) to your folder of photos.

geotag pro

Accuracy settings determine whether new tags are made for every 10m through to 1km of movement, and the Autologging feature can add a new GPS location upon every movement or once every hour – it's up to you.

geotag pro

A free 'Lite' version of the app is available, albeit without Autologging enabled (bar a free eight-hour trial).

Geotag pro


It's a shame there's no way to directly sync the phone to the camera itself, as a dedicated GPS accessory will immediately sync data to a shot. This is a slower workaround but, while applying the metadata to images may take a few more clicks than a dedicated GPS accessory, it's a process that can work in a matter of seconds.

Think of it this way – those extra few clicks could save you hundreds of pounds. That's none too bad in our books. We were tempted to award it five stars based on cost alone.