Canon unveils world's smallest HDD camcorder

Along with a number of new compact digital cameras and digital SLRs announced today, Canon also unveiled the world's smallest AVCHD hard disk drive (HDD) camcorder, the Canon HG10.

The full HD 1080i Canon HG10 is the company's first HDD camcorder and can store up to 15 hours of high-definition movie footage. That's as much as 28 DVDs.

The HG10 features a 10x optical zoom HD video lens, full HD CMOS image sensor and DIGIC II video processor for the best possible image quality, Canon says.

Other key features include instant auto-focus and a super range optical image stabiliser (OIS). Plus a new navigation dial design that makes the HG10 easier to use than previous Canon camcorders.

The Canon HG10 goes on sale in October, price to be confirmed.