The best video cameras and camcorders of 2016

Best HD camcorder

Despite the onslaught of smartphones, all of which now come equipped with sensors and hardware that allow them to produce at least HD quality video, video cameras and camcorders are still very much worth investing in.

That's assuming that you plan to record high quality footage that is likely to be edited or viewed on a high quality platform (capable of playing full HD or even better).

The age of full HD or even 4K video for everyone is very much upon us, with everything from our mobile phone, stills camera and even webcam able to capture these 2-megapixel videos with ease.

So what is the best camcorder to buy in this ultra-modern age? The good news is that you have a full range of features and specifications open to you - fully automated, hardware stabilised, broadcast quality video in the palm of your hand, and often for less than £500.

From novices keen to explore the joys of moving pictures to prosumers looking to get a more rounded, heightened filming experience, we've got almost everything covered (Blackview though). Enjoy our list and feel free to leave your comments and suggestions in the section below.

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Note that the prices of the camcorders below do not include any promotions available at the time of publishing. Don't forget to get your memory cards and appropriate battery packs (which can charge via the USB 2.0 port).