Telstra's second free data day smashes through mobile data record

Telstra data day

The last time Telstra's network fell over, the telco gave its customers a free day of data, and those customers gobbled up 1,841 terabytes of data.

Following a second major outage last month, Telstra had its second free data day yesterday, and customers took their consumption to another level. According to Telstra, 2,686 terabytes of data was consumed during the second free data day, a 46% increase.

Admittedly, there was an extra hour in there for the eastern states that had daylight savings end, but according to Telstra's statement the previous record was passed at 4pm on Sunday, making it by far the busiest day on the Telstra network.

Despite the heavier download demand, the Telstra network largely survived the day, although this time around there were significantly more noticeable congestion hotspots.

Still, having the equivalent of 3.4 million HD movies downloaded in one day is a pretty impressive feat, even if the reason for it happening was originally a network fault...

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