Telstra says sorry for second outage with another free data day

Telstra data day

Telstra customers were last night experience a strange sense of deja vu when the network's mobile and data services stopped working.

Telstra hasn't confirmed what caused the issue in the first place, but said the load of millions of devices trying to automatically reconnect simultaneously caused significant congestion that only exacerbated the problem.

Services were fairly quickly restored, but just like the last outage, Telstra has promised to try and make things right with its customers by offering another free data day.

On Sunday, April 3, Telstra customers will get unlimited data, regardless of their plan. The last time the network did this it turned into a significant PR win, and also the telco's busiest day ever.

In any case, Telstra has proclaimed that it is working hard to understand how it can improve its network to avoid the same challenges from arising in the future.

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