Steve Jobs launches iOS 4.1, new iPhone game from Epic

Jobs announces iOS 4.1, while revealing that 200 apps are now sold every second

Steve Jobs has launched iOS 4.1 at a press event in California earlier today, while revealing that 6.5 billion apps have been sold to date, with an amazing 200 apps sold every second.

Jobs demonstrated how the HD photo capability of iPhone 4 has been considerably improved with the latest upgrade to iOS.

New game from Epic

Next up, the Apple CEO announced the latest developments in Game Center, introducing Mike Capps, the President of Epic Games to demonstrate the latest developments in Game Center.

Epic demonstrated a game code-named 'Project Sword' - a gorgeous 3D world filled with an impressive amount of detail.

Project Sword will be available this coming Christmas holiday season.

It's a decidedly hardcore gamer's game for the iPhone and will no doubt manage to convert a number of gamers still currently sitting on the fence about mobile gaming.