Your essential guide to the GALAXY S4 zoom

It's also roomy enough to let you comfortably browse back through your gallery, which means that editing photos as you go is a breeze.

And as the handset's screen is a 4.3-inch qHD Super AMOLED affair, you'll always be able to view crisp, high-res photos shot on the go.

Samsung GALAXY S4 zoom

You'll be as amazed as this guy by the array of functions on the S4 zoom

7. Camera functions

The Samsung GALAXY S4 zoom may come with some impressive camera hardware, but it's not skimping on the software side of things either.

Not only is the camera interface incredibly easy to use, but it also comes with a host of options. Confident photographers will relish the opportunity to tweak ISO settings and shutter speeds in manual mode, while casual snappers will be happy with the auto settings.

There are also set-ups ready to go for certain types of picture, including settings for landscapes, snow scenes, indoor shots, fast-moving action snaps and more.

Samsung GALAXY S4 zoom

A 2,330mAh battery and up to 72GB of storage

8. Memory and power

It's no good being able to take perfect photos if you've got no space to store them. Happily, the Samsung GALAXY S4 zoom comes with a microSD slot so you can expand its storage to up to 72GB – that's enough space for you to snap away to your heart's content without having to worry that you'll run out of room.

Another thing you won't have to worry about running out of is power, as the GALAXY S4 zoom features a 2,330mAh battery that should keep you snapping all day.

Samsung GALAXY S4 zoom

Some things work better with buttons!

9. Buttons

A touchscreen is great for most phone functions, but there are some things that simply work better with buttons.

That's why you'll find a dedicated shutter button on the top panel of the Samsung GALAXY S4 zoom, just as you'd find on a traditional compact camera. This will help you keep the handset steady as you take a shot.

There's also a tripod mount on the opposite side of the device, so you can set up shots that you yourself are in, which you can then trigger by using either the timer or voice control.

Samsung GALAXY S4 zoom

Shoot great pics and share them with friends using Group Play

10. Group Play

Taking pictures is all well and good but sometimes you'll just want to kick back and let someone else entertain you.

Enter Group Play – a nifty feature that lets you share music tracks, photos and games between Samsung devices, so you can listen and play together with friends with consummate ease.

Meanwhile, you can search out the latest and greatest songs, videos, ebooks and games on the dedicated Samsung Hub, which is included on the GALAXY S4 zoom as standard.