Yahoo's latest app is a TV guide for the streaming age

Yahoo Video Guide

Targeting cord-cutters who are signed up to a number of video streaming services, Yahoo has today launched a new app that makes finding the TV show or movie you want to watch across the services a lot easier.

The company's new Video Guide app pulls together all the available movies and TV shows available on the streaming services you subscribe to, as well as where you can buy or rent a digital copy, letting you search across all the services in the one app.

"This is an exciting step for us as we move towards a day when we all watch TV and movies exclusively from our mobile phones, iPads and connected TVs," Yahoo said in a blog post.

The app even let's you search for movies and TV shows through GIFs, with a mood picker option that let's you select the GIF that best describes your mood for recommendations.

Yahoo has also included a "Stream Now" button that automatically launches the app for the subscription service that's hosting the film or TV show.

More than 30 streaming services are supported, including Amazon Video, HBO, Hulu, Netflix, Showtime, as well as CBS, Fox, ABC, and others.

The app is available for free starting today, for both iOS and Android.