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WinMo 'Maldives' to appear next month?

Windows Mobile Maldives on its way?
Windows Mobile Maldives on its way?

With rumours Windows Mobile 7 has been delayed to 2011, Microsoft looks like it might be offering a minor update to WinMo 6.5.

The new upgrade will apparently be called Windows Mobile Maldives, a re-badged version of Windows Mobile 6.6.

It's likely to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress next month, despite LG claiming that it will be showing Windows Mobile 7 devices at the event.

Capacitive catch-up

There's not a lot of information about what this upgrade will entail, but the source quoted by Digitimes says that it will be looking to help Microsoft maintain competitiveness with the iPhone and Android devices.

This likely means support for capacitive screens, seeing as only one company managed such a feat with Windows Mobile 6.5 (HTC with the HD2).

We'd also expect to see some more finger friendly panels on offer as well, helping rid the interface or a stylus - something like the recently seen Windows Mobile 6.5.3 would be nice.

We've asked Microsoft for any information about this 'latest development'... but we'd be surprised if we hear anything confirming or denying such a thing.

Via Unwired View