Vodafone offering nano-SIM cards ahead of iPhone 5 launch

Vodafone offering nano-SIM cards ahead of iPhone 5 launch
Vodafone pulled a blog-post about the availability of nano-SIMs

Vodafone says it has 500,000 nano-SIM cards in stock and ready to be dished out to customers, on the eve of the iPhone 5 launch.

The network has stocked up on the new SIM standard, which is likely to make its debut in the new iPhone, which is all-but-certain to be announced in San Francisco on Wednesday evening.

Vodafone made the announcement in a post on its official blog, which Pocket-Lint points out has now been removed as nano-SIM-enabled devices are not yet available.

The post from Vodafone comes a week after T-Mobile Germany informed retail partners that the next-generation of SIM technology will be winging its way to them.

Handle with tweezers

"They're so slim and tiny you might only be able to handle them with tweezers - but imagine the extra space the new nano-SIM card frees up inside your handset," Voda's post read.

"The first devices have now been announced – and Vodafone has now got 500,000 of the new 12.3 mm x 8.8 mm nano-SIMs in stock."

The nano-SIMs, which became the new European standard after a legal battle involving Apple, Motorola, Nokia and RIM, are 40 per cent smaller than the micro-SIMs that live within the iPhone 4S.

We'd say there's a very good chance Vodafone will republish this post as soon as the iPhone 5 is announced in tomorrow evening.

Via: Pocket-Lint

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