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Vodafone nabs Nokia C3 on exclusive deal

The new Nokia C3 coming to Vodafone soon
The new Nokia C3 coming to Vodafone soon

Vodafone has announced it will be stocking the new Nokia C3 phone on an exclusive pay-as-you-go deal.

The new phone from Nokia was announced last month, and is a full QWERTY effort running the low-end Symbian S40 operating system.

At the time of launch, Nokia made a big deal about how the phone is designed to help the socially-networked stay connected, meaning access to IM clients like Windows Live Messenger and Google Talk.

Grey or pink?

Vodafone hasn't given UK pricing or a definitive UK release date for the Nokia C3 as yet, but it will be offered in slate grey or hot pink.

Vodafone has announced its customers can get £50 worth of calling credit with every pay as you go phone bought from one of Vodafone's UK stores.

All customers buying a pay as you go phone in store will automatically get a free 30-day Freedom Pack. Each pack gives 100 minutes of calls to any network, anytime as well as all 01, 02 and 03 landlines and 300 standard UK texts– the equivalent to £50 worth of calls and texts.

However, if you do take the PAYG route, then you'll be stung when it comes to mobile internet usage - you'll be paying £7.50 per month for a measly 250MB of data.

If you're a contract user, you can get the same rolling one month deal, but get double the data - 500MB.

It's still a long way behind other networks (3 offers 1GB fair use, for instance), but if you're going to be heavily internetting on your new Nokia C3 you might struggle with just 250MB of data.