Verizon gives usual 'coming soon' answer to BlackBerry Z30 release

Verizon BlackBerry Z30
BlackBerry Z30 with Verizon's custom branding

Verizon has finally answered the question burning in every remaining BlackBerry fan's mind: what carrier will host the BlackBerry Z30 in America?

In case it wasn't obvious, the answer is Verizon.

Unfortunately no one's yet provided answers to BB users' other burning questions, like how much the Z30 will cost, when it will be released, or how much more fight BlackBerry has in it before it finally folds.

Fortunes are certainly looking down for the Canadian company, but will the BlackBerry Z30 help turn things around?

Making its debut

Verizon tweeted this morning that the BlackBerry Z30 is "coming soon" on its 4G LTE network.

The carrier's not getting any more specific than that, but the new BB flagship and the first phone in the second wave of BB10 handsets is expected in the U.K. and the Middle East next week, according to BlackBerry's latest announcement.

A debut in Asia is expected next week as well.

The Z30 brings a number of improvements over its predecessor the Z10, not least of which is a launch with the BlackBerry 10.2 OS update in the box.

Beyond that are some basic spec improvements in areas like battery life and graphics, not to mention some obligatory marketing lingo like "hyper-connected"-ness.

Still working on that comeback

The BlackBerry Z30 first appeared under a plethora of different aliases, including "BlackBerry A10."

The device leaked four separate times in August; once in pictures, again the next day, again on video, and yet again toward the end of the month.

The BB10 operating system hasn't been the comeback story that the company wants, as many former BlackBerriers moved on to iOS and Android during the OS's lengthy and troubled development period.

Is the Z30 an impressive enough device to drive the flock back to the shepherds?

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