UK supermarket launches iPhone app

UK supermarket launches iPhone app
UK supermarket launches iPhone app

Waitrose is the first leading UK grocery chain to launch its own iPhone app, which means that doing your weekly shopping just got a whole lot easier. And a whole lot more fun, to boot!

Ocado (Waitrose's online store) certainly knows its market, with a high proportion of the high-end supermarket's customers also likely to be toting Apple's iPhone.

TechRadar has just completed our weekly shop using "Ocado On The Go" and we only hope that the delivery man doesn't bring us socks instead of chicken breasts (again).

The only real danger here is that it makes shopping way too much fun, so we might tend to get a little carried away. For example, did we really need to order all of those Dendrobium Orchid Bouquets?

Shopping goes underground

Ocado's entire range of over 18,000 products is stored on the iPhone and you can do your shop offline, even when you're on the tube, then place your order when you have a connection.

Jason Gissing, co-founder of Ocado, said: "We're delighted to be the first UK supermarket on the iPhone -- this is grocery shopping 2.0 and it'll offer a huge, huge benefit to many of our busy customers.

"'Ocado On The Go' is quite possibly the quickest, most convenient and fun way to do the weekly shop yet.

"We're continuing to pioneer online grocery shopping, but this is only the first step of a journey that will eventually see Ocado available on several digital platforms."

Ocado On The Go is available now from Apple's iTunes Store.

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