UK Motorola Atrix gets Android 2.3 update

UK Motorola Atrix gets Android 2.3 update
No need to chuck it out the window, Gingerbread is here!

The Android 2.3 update for the Motorola Atrix is now live in the UK, with the OTA upgrade now available for unlocked handsets.

Although we're eagerly awaiting the first wave of Ice Cream Sandwich updates, the UK's Motorola Atrix handsets are finally getting a taste of Gingerbread, bringing them in line with the recently-launched Atrix 2.

But only if they're not locked to a network, so if your Atrix came by way of Orange or T-Mobile, you'll still have a wait of up to a week until the update will land on your handset.

This will probably still irk the reams of users waiting to hear about the long-promised Gingerbread update for the UK - it's been out in the US for months now, and Motorola has taken the step of shutting down the forum thread on the subject.

Notification stations

Most users should have received a notification but you can force the software upgrade if not, just head into Settings, About Phone, System Updates on the Atrix.

Sadly there's no hint of when the Motorola Atrix will receive an update to the flavour du jour, Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0), but with Gingerbread only just now making it on to the phone, we won't be expecting it any time soon if at all.

You'll just have to stare lustily at our Ice Cream Sandwich hands on video and wallow in all that you're missing:

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