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Uber drivers in China are scaming customers by dressing as zombies


Uber drivers dressing as zombies is a major issue for customers who order rides in China.

According to a number of local reports, select Chinese Uber owners are "ghost drivers" who frighten their customers before they get in the car and forcing them to pay a cancellation fee.

The scam works by a passenger booking an Uber ride and being greeted by the profile photo of the driver dressed as a horror creature.


Credit: Sixth Tone

When greeted with a scary face instead of a normal picture it's easy to understand why a number of passengers would just reject the driver. But it costs the customer around 4 yuan (about $0.60, £0.46, AU$0.80) to cancel the trip

Ghost rider

There are currently no reports of the issue outside of China, but that could easily change. Uber is aware of the issue and is in the process of collecting evidence on specific drivers.

An Uber spokesperson told Quartz, "We have taken immediate actions and banned these reported individual fraud accounts while continuing to investigate and crack down on any fraudulent behavior to protect rider and driver interests,"

Anyone who has been affected by the scam and reported it to Uber is receiving refunds as well while the company tackles the issue.