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Touch webOS phone that could have been sees the light of day

webOS phone
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It's 2011 and the team at webOS has a decision to make: delay the QWERTY Pre 3 or an all-touch phone called the WindsorNot?

webOS Nation, which recently spent some time with the WindsorNot in prototype form, narrates the history of the phone that lost and provides a thorough look at the webOS 3.x handset that was once glimpsed in a pulled promo video.

Spec-wise the phone is close to the Pre 3, down to the 1.4Ghz Qualcomm processor and 800 x 480 screen, though looking at the WindsorNot feels like seeing an ancient artifact for the first time, one that was chucked in the mobile graveyard and forgotten until someone decided to brush the dirt off.

Not that the Pre 3 faired much better.

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