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Nexus 6 being recalled from AT&T stores due to Motorola error

Nexus 6
The Nexus 6 is a gorgeous flagship, but it has its share of issues

Update: A Motorola spokesperson confirmed that "a small number" of Nexus 6 handsets sent to AT&T have the wrong software installed, sending TechRadar the following statement:

"We delivered a small number of Nexus 6 smartphones with incorrect software to AT&T customers who pre-ordered. The incorrect software prevents the phone from starting up properly. We will provide replacements for consumers whose phones are affected. The problem has been corrected and the phones currently shipping are fine."

The spokesperson said any Nexus 6 users who are able to see the "welcome" screen when they boot their phones up don't have to worry. For anyone who is affected the spokesperson said to call Motorola's customer support line.

original story follows…

This is odd, but the Nexus 6 is reportedly suffering from a crippling bug that only affects the first batch of handsets sent out on AT&T.

That's according to Droid Life, which spoke with "multiple sources" about the issue.

The bug apparently causes the Google flagship's display to go black and prevents it from connecting to AT&T's service, "essentially leaving the device useless," the site says.

As a result AT&T stores are allegedly being told to send back the Nexus 6 handsets they've received so far, causing stock shortages until they can get more in. AT&T's website lists the Nexus 6 as "out of stock" as well.

Nipped in the bud

There hasn't been any major hubbub online about the bug, which suggests it hasn't affected many Nexus 6 handsets.

On the other, that may be exactly what AT&T is hoping to avoid with this alleged recall.

If you currently have an AT&T-branded Nexus 6 you might want to go into one of the carrier's stores and see if you can get it replaced, whether you've seen this issue yet or not.

We've asked AT&T and Motorola to confirm these details and what they recommend their customers do if they've already purchased the Nexus 6 from the carrier, and we'll update here if we hear back.

Luckily there are plenty of other places to get the Nexus 6 in the meantime.