Sony Odin: first images confirm 1080p device?

Sony Odin 1080p
Heavily cropped image reveals little about the Odin's camera

The first images taken by Sony's rumored "Odin" Android smartphone may have appeared online over the weekend.

The Odin device is rumored to pack an impressive 5-inch 1080p WhiteMagic display, which would be a first for technology previously reported to be limited to 4 inches in size.

The images were tied to two of the three model numbers - C6502, C6503 and C6506 - believed to represent different versions of Sony's Odin.

One photo, taken with the Sony C6502 designation, appeared on Picasa and may have originated from an internal source at Sony, while the other pic was taken with the Sony C6503, though its origin is even more mysterious.

The origins of Odin

Rumors about Sony's Odin handset first cropped up in October, when a leak on a Chinese blog outed the device as a possible Xperia successor with the three model numbers mentioned above.

The initial leak mentioned Jelly Bean as the phone's OS, but the WhiteMagic rumor didn't appear until later in the month, when a new report claimed that Japanese display manufacturer JDI had developed a 5-inch 1080p WhiteMagic prototype display destined for Norse-named phone.

The 1080p smartphone could also sport Qualcomm's quad-core S4 processor and 2GB of memory.

Sony praying to Odin?

Sony may have a lot banking on the success of the rumored handset.

In October, a report cropped up claiming that Sony intends to sell 50 million smartphones during fiscal 2014 - an ambitious figure that Odin could help achieve.

Odin may also be known by a different name, the Sony Yuga, in Japan. However, Yuga may turn out to be a different device altogether.

Sony's Odin/Yuga/whatever-it's-really-called could be revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show or Mobile World Congress in early 2013, so stay tuned for all the latest on this increasingly intriguing phone.

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