Samsung sees 'huge' orders for flexible OLED screens

Samsung sees 'huge' orders for flexible OLED screens
Samsung's flexible OLED concept is about to get real

Flexible OLED displays could be making their way to our gadgets sooner rather than later as Samsung has seen "huge" orders for the bendy screens.

Samsung Electronics' vice chairman Kwon Oh-hyun told Korea Times that demand is high for the futuristic OLEDs, with mass production beginning in late 2012:

"We will be mass producing flexible OLED displays from the latter half of this year as the demand from our clients is significant," he said.

"OLEDs will replace LCDs as the main mobile displays from around 2015 as the screens are thinner and brighter. Samsung has massively invested in OLED-related technologies and will continue to do so."

Flex that screen

The flexi-tech, which Samsung showed off in December, lends itself to smaller mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, rather than TVs (although we are looking forward to the day we can afford Samsung's delicious 55-inch OLED TV which is getting a release in the second half of the year).

Some analysts have taken the attention-grabbing stance that Samsung's faith in the flexible OLED displays must surely come from some interest from Apple, mooting that we could see bendable, posable iPhones and iPads in the years to come.

But, to be fair, you don't really need Apple to put a vote of confidence behind the idea of a foldable, near-indestructible mobile display. That sounds cool enough on its own.

From Korea Times

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