Samsung launches new Music Hub for Galaxy S3 to rival iTunes Match

Samsung launches new Music Hub for Galaxy S3 to rival iTunes Match
Music Hub coming to the Galaxy S3

Wondering what Samsung was going to do with its acquisition of mSpot? Here's your answer: taking on Apple's services.

The new Music Hub, which will initially be available on the Samsung Galaxy S3 before moving onto other devices, will come in two flavours, allowing users to access new music and mess around with their own.

The free version of the service, which will come preloaded on the S3, allows you to do the same things as on the Music Hub from the Galaxy S2, namely downloading music from 7digital.

To the cloud!

All music nabbed from that portal will be stored in the cloud and is available on all (presumably Samsung) devices you happen to be signed into.

But stretch your fiscal wings a little more and you'll get a whole heap of new services; for €9.99 a month (about £8 / $12.50, but exact prices to be confirmed) you'll get access to unlimited streaming from 'millions of songs in the Music Hub'.

You'll also be able to upload your music collection to the cloud to be accessed wherever you are – but don't worry, there's very little uploading as Music Hub will scan your collection and match songs to play back in high quality.

We're assuming the similarity to any service Apple has created is entirely coincidental here.

Mixing and matching

And of course if that bootleg dubstep remix of some cat banging into a lamppost isn't on Music Hub, then the song will be uploaded for you – with a very generous 100GB of storage on offer, way more than the 5GB on offer from the service when it was just mSpot.

Other fun bits? You can get recommendations on songs, albums, artists and radio stations, with the more you listen, the more the Hub will know you. Know your very soul.

You can also check out all this stuff online through if you've signed up already via a Galaxy S3, allowing you easy access to your tunes.

Samsung only purchased mSpot earlier this month, so the speed of integration is impressive – the company also offers movies in the same way, so fingers crossed we'll be seeing the same option on our Samsung Galaxy S3 soon too.

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