Where can I buy the Samsung Galaxy S6?

Both versions are available in black, white and gold, with the 32GB model available now while all three 64GB colours have an estimated delivery date of April 21.


The community driven network will also be ranging the Galaxy S6 in its three storage variants and in gold, white and black, though only the latter two colours for the 128GB model. Sign up online to be kept up to date.

Tesco Mobile

Over on Tesco Mobile you're also able to bag yourself a free Samsung Galaxy S6 on a range of tariffs, the cheapest of which is a not too shabby price of £36 per month for two years.

You'll get 1000 minutes, 5000 texts and 2GB of data for your monthly outlay.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media is stocking the Samsung Galaxy S6 in stores and online now with the handset available in white, black and gold in 32GB and 64GB sizes.

Tariffs start at £31 per month with no upfront cost if you're a Virgin Media customer or from £36 per month if you're not. Either way you'll get 250 minutes, 250MB of data and unlimited texts for your money.


TalkTalk is also stocking the 32GB version of the Galaxy S6 for free from £35 a month but that's only with 300MB of data.

If you want 1GB of data you'll have to spend £37.50 a month and there is also a deal for 4GB of data at £47.50.

Online retailers

The SIM-free price for the Galaxy S6 over at MobileFun is £599 for the 32GB model - saving you a whole 99p over Samsung's retail price.

Meanwhile over on Unlocked-Mobiles the Galaxy S6 is priced slightly lower at £584.98, although you can only register your interest for now.

Clove also has a pre-order page for the Galaxy S6 and its prices are even lower, with the 32GB model coming in at £575, while the 64GB version is £630 and 128GB will cost you £699.

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