Samsung Galaxy S5 may finally abandon that physical home button

Samsung Galaxy S5 set to finally abandon buttons
Is it finally time to abandon buttons?

As the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 edges closer, we have been treated to leaks of what the UI may look like, yet what the handset will look like has remained a mystery.. until now.

A patent granted by the USPTO contains designs for a buttonless smartphone, first filed on July 20 2012, signaling a major design change for the Korean manufacturer.

Samsung handsets have traditionally incorporated a home button and soft keys below the screen, and while it's been said that Samsung is keen to move away from the design of the Galaxy S4 as many (including ourselves) saw it as too similar to the Galaxy S3 - the patent suggest the overall design won't be radically different.

What about retina?

More interestingly the patent doesn't seem to show any sign of the oft rumored retina scanner, although the design eludes to the inclusion of a fingerprint scanner.

An unexplained rectangle appears in the back of the handset, conveniently sitting in an ideal spot to scan your digits as you hold the device - perhaps it's the volume rocker, but that appears to be in its standard location on the side of the device.

We'll have to wait and see just how much of this design actually makes it to the final Galaxy S5, so keep your eyes peeled here for the latest news.

Via Phone Arena