Samsung Galaxy Mega to hit shelves this July for £459.99

Samsung Mega
If the 80s did smartphones...

Samsung's upcoming 80s inspired slab-phone, the Galaxy Mega, will hit UK shelves this July with a £459.99 price tag according to Clove. But, you know, it ain't about the money, money, money…

Except, Jessie J is wrong on this one, because it is very much about the money. A novice-level Samsung enthusiast will notice that the Mega will retail at around £100 cheaper than the Galaxy S4.

A closer inspection reveals all

If you dig a bit deeper, however, you'll see that the reason for this is because the Mega doesn't house the same impressive specs as the Galaxy S4.

The huge 6.3-inch screen, for example, is only 720p TFT, rather than AMOLED full HD like the S4. Similarly, the back and front cameras are 8 and 1.9 megapixels respectively.

The device will be running Jelly Bean 4.2.2 however, and it will feature a hulking 3,200mAh battery.

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The Mega had been expected to be released in May, but because of an unknown complication, the release date was moved back to July. The Mega's little brother, the 5.8-inch Galaxy Mega, will not be retailing in the UK.

Update: Online retail rival Expansys has now put a price tag of £469.99 on its listing alongside the July Samsung Galaxy Mega release date.

Via Slashgear