Rumor: Motorola's newest phone to have edge-to-edge screen, LTE

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Motorola's getting edgy

An unidentified source has offered a possible glimpse into what might come out of a joint Motorola/Verizon event next week in New York.

The source, speaking with Bloomberg, said Motorola plans to introduce a smartphone that's screen extends edge-to-edge and is LTE capable September 5.

If the device does use the entire screen as its display, it'll be one of the first phones in the U.S. to do so.

Go big or go home

The Moto/Big Red event falls on the same day Nokia is expected to release their Windows Phone 8 handsets.

While we weren't exactly sure what Nokia would offer up at their event, we now have a pretty good idea thanks to a Twitter leak. The Nokia Lumia 920 Pureview and Lumia 820 made their debut Friday and both appear to be the Windows Phone 8s we'll see next week.

Motorola, picked up by Google for $12.5 billion (£7.87) earlier this year, is pushing to make a name for itself in a smartphone field dominated by Apple's iPhone (with the iPhone 5 expected out September 12) and Android devices (Samsung just released their own Windows Phone 8).

Not only will the Motorola device supposedly have a (very) large display, it'll also have access to Verizon's LTE network, the largest in the U.S.

The source told Bloomberg it'll run a version of Android and should go on sale later this year.

Razr HD?

Motorola and Verizon played with the term "On Display" on the invitations for the September 5 event, leading many to speculate the long-awaited Droid Razr HD would make its debut then.

However, what TechRadar has heard about the Razr HD is that its screen will extend 4.6 inches, making it unlikely that phone's display will take up the entire frontal property.

That phone is expected to run Android 4.0: Ice Cream Sandwich.

An edge-to-edge phone plays into the "on display" descriptor found on the invitation, as the companies would certainly want to highlight a device that's all, well, display.

Whatever Motorola's got planned, TechRadar will be at their NYC event September 5, so head here for all the latest.

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