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LG prepares to launch Shine phone

The silvery background behind the colour screen doubles as a mirror when the screen is off

LG is preparing to launch the much-mooted KE970 Shine phone, its follow-up to the hugely successful LG Chocolate . Wednesday will see the European launch of this new handset which has been touted as the fashion mobile of 2007.

The tech world has been eager to see what LG would come up with this year, after its mobile arm flourished so wonderfully in 2006. To some relief, the good news is that LG hasn't gone down the obvious 'lets just make a Chocolate mark II' route.

New features

The LG KE970 Shine handset sports a completely new look, with a wide 2.2-inch colour screen which brilliantly doubles as a 'magic mirror' when turned off. It also comes with a stylish full metal jacket which warms to the touch (no plasticy nastiness on show here) and a 2-megapixel Schneider-Kreuznach certified camera.

We'll be at LG's launch event on Wednesday, so we'll let you know if the Shine phone is as good as we hope it is.