Orange and T-Mobile integrate into 'Everything Everywhere'

everything everywhere - apart from on the tube, or in tunnels, or in concrete buildings or in...

Orange UK and T-Mobile UK have finally integrated – with all employees now working for Everything Everywhere Limited.

The company has announced the integration and confirmed the new (and all-encompassing) Everything Everywhere name, and is now rebranding everything from the key headquarters buildings to the business cards.

Tom Alexander, Chief Executive of Everything Everywhere Limited said: "The formal integration of our new company, Everything Everywhere Limited, is another major milestone and reflects the rapid progress we have made over the past nine months.

UK's biggest comms company

"Today we have created the country's biggest communications company, and as the new leader in the industry, it is our aspiration to give our customers instant access to the world around them, to everything everywhere, through both of our brands, Orange and T-Mobile," he added

At least it puts pay to us calling the amalgamation T'Orange, although the new name does sound a bit like something a Greek God would claim.

The new company has already confirmed that all stores will stay open.